2012          Innocentive Grand Challenge Award Winner (Competition among a community of >250,000 scientists for solving the Cancer Cell Drug Discovery challenge)

2012          Third Place, China Overseas Entrepreneurs Week Business Plan Competition (Top 15 winners out of >6000 participants)

2012          Outstanding Academic Talent, Zhejiang Province, China (less than 100 recognized worldwide among Chinese American Academics)

2011          Scientific Advisory Board Member, ProteinLounge

2011          Honorary Member of the Board of Directors, Chinese Association for Science and Technology in Connecticut

2008          China National Science Foundation Dragon Star Lectureship Award (One competitively selected among bioinformatics Chinese-American professors annually)



2011          “17 Informatics Experts Worth Listening To”, HealthTechTopia

2010          CHI Translational Medicine Conference Distinguished Faculty List (selected along with 25 chief scientists and executives from Academia and biotech/pharmaceutical industry)

2007          Canary Foundation Bioinformatics Dissemination Award

2005—present       Biographical inclusions in: Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders, and Who’s Who in Information Technology.

1996—present       Miscellaneous conference travel fellowship awards such as InnovationWell Annual Meeting, PSB, ISMB, and USENIX



2013-15     Three-time Finalist/Nominee, “Technology Educator of the Year” MIRA Award by TechPoint Organization

2014          Finalist, Indiana Techpoint MIRA Award on “Technology Innovator of the Year”

2010-13     Finalist, Indiana Techpoint MIRA Award on “Healthcare Information Technology”

2008 & 2007   Indiana Small Business Grant Preparation Award (for MedeoLinx, LLC, $12K)

2006          Indiana Economic Development Scholarship

2006          IEEE Central Indiana Section Service Recognition Award



2014          IUPUI School of Informatics Commencement Marshall

2011          Inaugural IUPUI School of Informatics Research Award

2010          Fellow, Indiana University Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research

2009          IUPUI Translational Research into Practice (TRIP) Scholar Recognition Award

2008          IUPUI Chancellor’s Prestigious External Awards Recognition (PEAR)

2007          Founder Recognition Award, Predictive Physiology and Medicine, Inc.

2005          Purdue Research Foundation Summer Faculty Fellow

2004—present       Work/biography was featured at many local media such as: Inside IUPUI News (2011), front page (2010); front page (2009); IUPUI magazine (2009); IUPUI Research Enterprise journal (2009); Indiana University Research & Creative Activity magazine (2008), Indiana University research headlines (2007), IndyStar newspaper (2007), Indiana Alumni Magazine (2005), and Informatics magazine (2004)

2004—present       Miscellaneous international collaboration/travel awards from Indiana University

1999 & 2000         Affymetrix Project Achievement Award

1998          University of Minnesota Outstanding Computer Science Graduate Research Award